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>William Ackman interviewed by Charlie Rose

On Tuesday, William Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital was interviewed on PBS’ Charlie Rose program. You can view the video here. In the half-hour segment Mr. Ackman gives thoughtful analysis of the financial crisis, prescribes solutions for Freddie, Fannie and GM, and talks about the need for regulation of credit derivative swaps. When asked about the hedge fund hearings that ocurred on Capitol Hill today, he says that Congress is “looking for a scapegoat.” He also says that the through the bans on short-selling the SEC has “destroyed opportunistic capital” and contributed to the crisis of confidence in the markets.

Mssrs. Ackman, Einhorn, Paulson, Griffin and other leaders in the industry need to be in front of the issues and the camera more frequently. Only then will they have the chance to head off unwarranted regulation of the hedge fund industry and influence government priorities and action in this and future financial crises.

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