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>Media is a part of Kynikos’ short strategy


A long profile in New York of Jim Chanos, president Kynikos Associates, a short-selling specialist illustrates the role media plays in his investment strategy. The article notes how Kynikos shares information and investment hypotheses with journalists and other asset managers. The fund will even walk reporters through the financial statements of companies it sees as overvalued.

According to the article, “In this information culture, Chanos has built valuable relationships with journalists who take his ideas seriously, promote his point of view, and ultimately help make him rich. Like Washington, Wall Street is a game that is fueled by the selective leak. The right tip can mean the difference between winning or losing millions.”

Critics of short-selling call this manipulation, but they are wrong on this count, too.

The stock market is a marketplace of ideas and information. These ideas compete, and in a perfect world, the best/right ideas win out and drive stock prices up or down. The more ideas that compete the better. Shorts have just as much a right to advocate their positions as longs. Moreover, the ultimate longs are the companies themselves and they have big advantages when it comes to influencing media.

Still skeptical? Consider this: Chanos is credited with pointing Fortune to the misdeads at Enron and we all know how that turned out.

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